Thursday, February 10, 2011

How is your law firm perceived by the public?

An independent marketing survey found that public perception of our legal television advertising was as follows:
Our lawyer commercials created the highest levels of top of the mind awareness. This awareness was well distributed among numerous & various demographics.
Among competing lawyers, our advertising received the highest percentage of positive impression in the marketplace and the lowest percentage of negative impression.
Our advertising did a good job of communicating messages with the highest recall for services advertised - personal injury / wrongful death and medical malpractice.
Our commercials created highly identifiable law firm spokespersons. A high percentage of those surveyed mentioned the lawyers appearing in our ads by name.
These results reflect the exact goals that I set out to achieve when creating advertising and marketing strategies for law firms. Establishing a strong brand and presence is the key to long term continued success. Advertising toward those who may need legal help in the future is just as important as reaching those who seek legal services today.

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