Thursday, February 10, 2011

Television advertising delivers your law firm’s message directly to the masses.

With yellow page advertising, your message sits somewhere in a desk drawer waiting for the masses to find your ad. Similarly, your website is just sitting somewhere in cyberspace waiting to be found on crowded search engines. Advertising that sits and waits to be discovered is not cost effective and it does little to increase your law firm’s name recognition and top of the mind awareness. At Legal Marketing Results, we strive to create television commercials that enhance the law profession's image. We create our commercials with high quality, professional production tools such as 35mm and Super16mm film cameras. Plus, because we have our own film/video company, Lasso Productions, we eliminate the middle man and pass the savings on to you.

There has never been a better time for lawyers to advertise on television.

Local television stations and cable providers have been hit hard by the economy and they’re desperate for advertising business. The loss of revenue from a year ago is astounding. TV ad sales for 21 of the top 25 local broadcast categories were down 25% on average in 3rd quarter 2009 versus 3rd quarter2008. Not surprising however, ad revenues from legal services for that same period were up over 3%. The available inventory for commercial airtime on local TV stations and cable is enormous and great spot placements are there for the taking. At Legal Marketing Results, we’ve developed strategies that enhance the perception of frequency and increase the effectiveness of your advertising.

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